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Interesting Facts You Need to Learn if You Want to be Archaeologist

Archaeologist Intersting Facst

Archaeologist Intersting Facst, maybe you have watched the Steven Spielberg’s films named Indiana Jones. Who brought the adventure stories of an Archaeologist named Indiana Jones. In the movies, archaeologists are shown as more dynamic, hokijoss and interesting job and they travel often to know new places and get some findings.

Archaeologist is important job in this world. An archaeologist works to collect information about human history and prehistory by using evidence left by civilization. They excavate and analyse artifacts such as cave paintings, ruins of buildings, found fossils and pottery. They need to have a deep knowledge on pre-history.

Archaeologist Intersting Facst Management of Cultural Resource

Some archaeologists working in the management of cultural resource confirm that the construction work carried out near the archaeological site complies with the laws of historical preservation.

For those of you who are interested in working as an archaeologist, there are some interesting facts about archaeologists as reported by The Balance Careers, let’s look:

  1. Quick facts about archaeologists

In 2014, approximately 8,000 people worked in this field, spread across various fields such as in consulting firms, research organizations, museums, government, as well as cultural and resource management companies. In International archaeologists and anthropologists, in 2014, earned an average annual salary of USD 59,280 or an average hourly wage of USD 28.50.

Wow, there are many! Well, besides that, those of you who are fond of traveling might be happy to hear it, because fieldwork is a regular part of an archaeologist’s job. You can spend several weeks each year traveling.

  1. How to become an archaeologist

One good choice is that you must major in archaeology.  Get a bachelor, master or doctorate degree to work in this job. There are many opportunities for those of you who have a bachelor’s degree, but they are usually at the entry level. For example, the National Park Service employs undergraduate archaeologists. Then a master’s degree will help you to improve your job position.

  1. The soft skills you need

The educational requirements may not be the only thing for you to get the job you want. Of course, you must have certain soft skills to succeed at work. As an archaeologist, he must be able to communicate both in writing and orally because he must present his work to others.

Besides that, you must be a good listener for your co-workers later. Then, the ability to understand written material will help research. And other abilities such as, think critically, persevere, and keep learning to find new findings.

  1. Difference between archaeologists and anthropologists

According to the National Geographic Society, anthropology is the study of the origin and development of human society and culture. Archaeology is part of anthropology and defines it as “the study about the human past which is using material remains. These remains can be any object modified, created, or used by humans.

  1. Roles and responsibilities of an archaeologist

Now, there is a lot of work for an archaeologist to do. For example you have to excavate with a shovel, do archival research. Archaeological inventory, evaluation, then present to the public about your findings.