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Survey during Archaeology Projects

Survey is one of the most important processes in archaeology. It is usually field research to search for archaeological sites so the information will be collected. Information found in the archaeological sites through survey include the location, distribution, and organization of past human culture. The sites are usually across a large area but they are […]

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Learn More about Archaeologists and How They Work

Those who conduct archaeology project and analysis are archaeologists. They are passionate people who work to learn more about the human past and how it has developed throughout the times. You can always learn about the humanity in the past including its cultural heritage. However, you need to fulfill particular requirements if you want to […]

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Archaeology Projects to Discover the Past and Shape the Future

Archaeological projects are conducted with the purpose of find out more about human in the past; their beliefs, cultures, lifestyle, etc. archaeology is important study because we can understand the present and the future better by understanding the past. Archaeology in short term is a way to connect all the phases. Archaeology projects are conducted […]

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Reasons To Study Archaeology

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Archaeology is important for life. It is the study of the human past. Through archaeology, there are and will be big questions addressed about the past. Archaeology is important because there are things about the human past that cannot be understood without it. Archaeology involves many systematical methods from to find out information precisely. There […]

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