Playing it Smart Improves the Security of Online Casinos in Canada

One of the most prominent names in the online casino games industry, Pragmatic Play, has announced that it has received an updated ISO certification. ISO 27001 opens up a whole new world of opportunities, but what does it really mean for Canadians using online casinos, and how will it affect the company in the long run?

How Will Getting Certified Benefit Me?

Now that they’re ISO 27001-accredited, Pragmatic Play can emphasize their trustworthiness and compatibility with legitimate Canadian casino sites. With this seal of approval in place, you can be assured that your financial data, along with that of any associated businesses or individuals, is always being handled securely.


This accreditation does not come easily. Pragmatic Play has demonstrated its commitment to best practices by earning ISO 27001 certification. This not only enhances the company’s already stellar reputation within the Canadian online gambling market, but also serves to reassure the company’s customers, both current and prospective.


Pragmatic Play, along with other companies that have achieved this level of accreditation, will participate in an annual review of certifications to guarantee that the standards continue to be met. Customers and business associates will have more faith in the company knowing that the highest standards of data management and security are always being upheld. In the annals of Pragmatic Play, this event stands as a watershed moment.


Data Security and Privacy

Information security is key to the philosophy of ISO 27001 certification. Approved businesses in the Canadian online casino market adhere to extremely strict requirements to protect their customers’ money and personal information, making this a crucial feature of any reputable organization.


Pragmatic Play is honored to be recognized for its dedication to data and information security, according to spokesperson Andrey Zhelo. Zhelo elaborated that the company’s receipt of the ISO 27001 certification was a major turning point. Pragmatic’s dedication to the highest standards of security at all legal casino Canada sites is validated by this certification, and the company’s business partners can rest easy knowing that their data is protected.






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